About Us

    About Us

    JB Radcliff,  Content Creator, Author, Owner of Radcliff Design 

    Radcliff Design is a Utah based company that offers Content Management, Video and Graphic Design Creations, Social Media Advocacy & Support.  Writer and Blogger. 

    Radcliff Design

    Content Management and Design

    Virtual Assistance

    Radcliff Design

     Content Management, Graphic Design, Social Media Advocacy & Support. Business and Humanitarian Writer (Ghost) and Blogger. Virtual Assistance.

    Social Media Advocacy & Support

    Helping businesses attract, engage and work with their customers online.

    Graphic Design

    Creative digital  technology for your business and communications, social interaction and education,

    Instructional Technology

    Instructional Technology, Content Management and Design of Educational Resources for Learning.

    Content Writer

    Blogger and Contributor, Ghost Writer.  Author of two books: Business as Usual, Technology as Usual.

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    JB Radcliff, Author of the new book "Business as Usual - Or Not!"