Business as Usual – Or Not

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    Business as Usual – Or Not

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    goodreads Business as Usual - Or Not

    Business As Usual - Or Not !

    Business As Usual - Or Not! focuses on the hidden truths, humor, heartaches, and the emotional side of the business work environment. It deals with the everyday employee, leadership, management and self-help. If there is a theme throughout this entire book, this is it, “Do Good Always.” The book's purpose is to make you laugh, make you mad, and draw attention to the things we all do in our working environments that bug the crap out of other people. Stop It! Effective leadership simply means you have inspired others. You have created a path that led your team to success. You were able to celebrate the accomplishments with those who followed your vision. There are a number of self-help questions throughout the book. Basic common sense questions that look at the issues that are hiding under the rug.

    What's under your rug? A few topic of interest

    • -The Burn
    • -Professional Brown Noser Office
    • -Giants and Monsters, and Buses - Oh My!
    • -Financial & Emotional Health
    • - Letting Go Of Stress
    • -Management - It's 5 O'clock Somewhere
    • -Living the Dream! Hand Me The Remote Please
    • -Work after the kids leave home
    • -the Empty Nest
    • -Don't be Afraid to Disappoint
    • -Winds of Change
    • -Put Your Busy Bully On Notice
    • -Worker Bees
    • -Risk Takers
    • -and more...



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