Technology As Usual – Or Not

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    Technology As Usual – Or Not

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    goodreads Technology As Usual - Or Not

    Technology As Usual - Or Not

    Technology As Usual - Or Not!  Creating an online classroom and making sure that the students can be successful in them is a craft that instructional designers and instructors work on endlessly. Building online and blended content for the new technological classrooms requires more time and energy than the traditional classroom that most of us grew up with.

    Technology in the classroom is an interesting study. It is even more interesting when you allow the students to lead the discussion. I took a look at the average high school, and I asked the questions, "So what's so great about technology?"


    Technology as Usual - Or Not! is the second in a collection of books written with "the moment" in mind.  I was inspired to write this volume after working in a rural community high school. Working with students and getting their perspective on technology was enlightening.  The real voices of technology are the voices of youth.  They will pick and choose what technology survives or fades away.   They will be the next innovators.

    Technology as Usual - Or Not!  deals more with the research into the personal habits of technology users.  Volume one, Business as Usual - Or Not! Deals more with business and the interaction between people and groups of people.
    I enjoyed being able to walk into the classroom and ask the students to please take out their cell phones because they will be part of the lesson for the day.  It was great to watch students use their phones and tablets to research class material and discover the extra connections outside of the social media realm were available to them.  Technology in the classroom can be a good thing if used correctly.