Business walk on the Rocks.

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    business on the rocks

    Business walk on the Rocks.


    I watched a Ted Ex video the other day about chat walks. Taking your business meetings and making them outside meetings. Inspired by this talk, one has only to think about some of the following items:

    • decide on the location of the walk
    • the length of time available to walk
    • who you will meet with
    • what you will discuss
    • and the weather of course.

    22382480_10155234536278422_7230761239549358612_o-e1570935292916 Business walk on the Rocks.

    The amount of stress alone saved in taking a chat walk is worth its weight in gold. It also helps to cut your blood pressure down, beef up your cardio, raise those happy endorphin’s, and bring a level of wellness to your entire body.

    Steve jobs once quoted :

    Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.

    Save a back – your own! You have to get up away from that desk, put the mouse down, lace up a pair of tennis shoes, and head out the door. Find some place, any place, where you can take your meetings to another level; one that risks going outside and breathing in fresh air, and feeling the warm sunshine on your skin. Walking has been proven to enhance your mental health as well as your physical health.

    0-21 Business walk on the Rocks.Moab, Utah Slickrock Bike Trail. During the early spring and fall months, you will see a number of walkers on the bike trail. Great place to take a meeting. Plan for a couple hours in the cool of the morning or evening. Take plenty of water, and don’t forget your sun block.

    I’m headed outside!