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    business on the rocks

    Business walk on the Rocks.


    I watched a Ted Ex video the other day about chat walks. Taking your business meetings and making them outside meetings. Inspired by this talk, one has only to think about some of the following items:

    • decide on the location of the walk
    • the length of time available to walk
    • who you will meet with
    • what you will discuss
    • and the weather of course.

    22382480_10155234536278422_7230761239549358612_o-e1570935292916 Business walk on the Rocks.

    The amount of stress alone saved in taking a chat walk is worth its weight in gold. It also helps to cut your blood pressure down, beef up your cardio, raise those happy endorphin’s, and bring a level of wellness to your entire body.

    Steve jobs once quoted :

    Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.

    Save a back – your own! You have to get up away from that desk, put the mouse down, lace up a pair of tennis shoes, and head out the door. Find some place, any place, where you can take your meetings to another level; one that risks going outside and breathing in fresh air, and feeling the warm sunshine on your skin. Walking has been proven to enhance your mental health as well as your physical health.

    0-21 Business walk on the Rocks.Moab, Utah Slickrock Bike Trail. During the early spring and fall months, you will see a number of walkers on the bike trail. Great place to take a meeting. Plan for a couple hours in the cool of the morning or evening. Take plenty of water, and don’t forget your sun block.

    I’m headed outside!

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    a gentleman

    What Ever Happened to the term “A Gentlemen’s Agreement?”



    There was a day when men shook hands and agreed a gentlemen’s agreement between two. A man’s word was his honor.  Now days attorneys draft up legal documents that are crafted to look for deception and deceit.  Where has honor gone?

    0-16 What Ever Happened to the term "A Gentlemen's Agreement?"Speaking the truth should never be hard to do. Many preach about truth and justice, yet they drag out an attorney when the truth is directed at them.


    Along with honor comes respect. Respect for your fellow man or woman. Meeting a call to justice to help someone in need. Believing in others, and relying on a friendly hand. Honor, respect, and dignity, are the strength and the armor that uphold strong men and women.


    Integrity – the truth. Integrity is becoming a rare thing. Yet it is something worth fighting to hold on to. No matter how weak your voice may be, you may be the only voice someone else has.  Injustice can overwhelm an individual soul quickly – but with many there is triumph as they come together. Speak the truth. Value integrity above all.

    Not every argument can be won in a court of law. Sometimes a simple “I’m sorry” is all that is needed. Waging war over trivial pursuits never ends well, if at all.

    Sometimes a simple “I’m sorry” is all that is needed.


    0-17 What Ever Happened to the term "A Gentlemen's Agreement?"

    What is important is that you stand up and your voice be heard. Speak about those passions you hold dear inside. Especially when others would keep your voice from being heard if they could. Don’t let fear or intimidation keep you from doing what is right. Your voice might be all it takes to change an empire, regain a friendship, mend a broken heart. But unless you stand up and let your voice be heard – others will steal the soil out from under your feet – the very ground you walk upon.



    0-18 What Ever Happened to the term "A Gentlemen's Agreement?"Rise up, ever so weak – yet strong because you decided to take a stand. Integrity, respect, and honor – there really isn’t any amount of money that can buy those attributes. As human as these attributes are, they will give you a greater sense of value about life, and grace you with a peaceful mind. Without them – anxiety, crippling envy and stress take the very life from your own hands. What are your gains if you aren’t around to enjoy them, or can’t feel satisfaction for the things that you tried to build? Fake friends will praise you in the morning, and damn you in the night.

    0-19 What Ever Happened to the term "A Gentlemen's Agreement?"

    Life is simple. Live with a giving hand, a kind shoulder to lean on, and stand up when integrity demands a voice. Stand up, let your voice be heard.

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    Humility During Adversity1

    Humility During Adversity


    Trying to remain  humble and calm during times of adversity is a tough call. Especially when everyone around you is fighting mad, or suffering from some disappointment somewhere in their career or personal life. A working office environment has emotion and life to it. You are not immune to what goes on there. You also are not immune to the politics inside and outside of your office. It would be nice if we could just shut out the political rethoric – but often it seeps in when we least want it there.

    Add a political campaign cycle to an already fragile office environment and the circumstances are ripe for vindictiveness and strife. If you don’t believe me, just turn on your television set, and come to work the next morning. Many workers are feeling the politician pressures from within and outside. A game of tug-of-war, or tug-of-wills can and often takes place.

    The tug of war within an office environment quite often only succeeds in oppressing those who are in the middle or lower level tiers. Within this tier, is generally the larger chunk of your workforce. They are the ones that get hit with a wave of disenfranchising rhetoric, genuinely laced with arsenic threats and disallowances. It is oppressing.


    What happens within these tug of war zones, is you get hit with lower level workers or middle management dogma.

    You deserve better, we all deserve better, but unfortunately one side does not want to give the call – and the other side  is too afraid you will call. It’s a tug of war, and you are the rope.

    Letti0-11 Humility During Adversityng go of the rope. 

    As a society If we continue on the path we are headed on as a culture – pretty soon everyone will be at odds, because no one can get along. The office environment has become way too toxic, oppressive, and controlling. People want out, and they are leaving in droves.

    When you talk about diversity and equal rights in the workplace, that is easier said than done. People for whatever reason – for just being born into a certain

    family, have a rooted belief system.   Thus their value systems are rooted into the very fabric of who and what they are. It produces their attitudes and ultimately directs their behaviours. It also tends to direct their political as well as religious viewpoints – those come out as behaviours. 0-12 Humility During Adversity

    To say you can desensitize a working population into adopting a value system that is foreign to their belief system, is radical thinking in-and-of-itself. You often find people return to their roots. Roots are safe and comfortable.

    Many workers do play the game of office politics – just to survive. They can walk-the-walk, and talk-the-talk, but they do not hold a common value system with those around them. It is a game, like survivor, only in real life.

    A person’s personal belief system is not always the same as a company’s core value system. Beliefs can separate us from other people, whereas values can unite us for a cause, like a business. A business’s core values are what supports its vision, and helps to shape the culture within, and ultimately form its identity. That is all good – that is the way it should happen. It is what is hidden that often stirs the pot, so to speak.

    What is Hidden?

    Political and religious views, as well as lifestyle preferences are only acceptable at face value to some – and at a very thin surface level. They can only be accepted as far as one’s beliefs allow. Those beliefs can vary to slightly acceptable to greatly acceptable, depending on the individual. Ripping at someone’s long held belief system will not get you far.

    Underneath are the deeply held beliefs (roots) of the individual who may or may not adopt to your core values,  or see your point of view. It then becomes a game of survival or tolerance. At what level is enough – enough?

    Adopting Core Values 

    Posting an employee notice on the wall is only as good as the paper it is written on, unless your core values are solid within your organization.  Some organizations have great success with their employees adopting their core values and visions. Those tend to have a higher moral, and ethical workforce. Others, haven’t learned to adapt to a changing real world environment, and the impact continues to be felt at the base. It takes time – don’t give up.

    At some point, it may become a competitive disadvantage for employers not to seek adjusting its core values.  I acknowledge that there are some businesses that need not change. For once they change they lose their purpose, or it adversely affects  their core values, as well as disrupts their belief system. Let’s talk about that for a moment.


    1. Do your core values remain the same when you go from job-to-job?

    2. Do corporate values change? Have yours changed? Do they need too? What was the outcome of any change, or non-change?

    3. Do you expect to be rewarded for your values? What about your co-worker?

    4. Do your core values present a competitive disadvantage to your company?

    5. What core values do you see others exhibiting? What about your workforce, what do they see you doing?

    6. Does your company’s core values allow you to find a place where you feel “it works for me.”?

    7. Do you ever feel your core values might not work for everyone? How do you deal with that? What if the majority or minority disagree? Are you open to collaboration? When do you end the conversation and give an affirmative answer – yea or nea?

    A lot of businesses are starting to understand that in a global economy you might need to adjust your core values. The corporation itself may need to develop an attitude that is more accepting rather than directing in order to compete.

    With many companies outsourcing and setting up offices in different states, as well as internationally, you need to speak the language of business. But that language may be different than you first thought once you factor in cultural diversity. The first step is acknowledging that cultural diversity exists and that it can be a very good thing.

    See the writing on the wall yet?

    This political year I am seeing splits within many business circles that I have never seen before; that frankly frighten me. Conservatism is no longer conservatism, and liberalism is no longer liberalism. These radically changing mindsets are pouring into the working lives of many. Workers are becoming agitated and depressed. They feel they are becoming disenfranchised, as the splits become more prevalent and the American culture starts to erode. It’s not a good thing. It’s time to heal the split, stop the bleed, and put things right again. Just say “no”.

    There doesn’t seem to be a lot of collaborative efforts in play to help bring a common understanding of the working class needs to the table.  That needs to change. The moderates sounds more like the left in their anger, and the right strikes out with equal annoyance. Politics is a great disruptor – but at what cost to American worker? People are afraid of losing their jobs, and others just want a job.

    To the working class, the political environment has become a war zone, one created to emotionally and psychologically gain control or power over them; to disrupt and seize.  The workforce is concerned that it will become voiceless.  It shouldn’t be a battle to come to terms, and find equitable solutions. Yet, people are angry, some in the violent sense. We as a society need to stop fueling that type of anger.

    I hear the voices coming from working American’s stating, “Damn the establishment!” But what will you have after you have damned your rights into the hole? If you can’t find some level of humility during times of adversity, you will either be confused with the outcome you sought, and/or disillusioned by your own choices as well as the choices of others. Educate yourself and show yourself approved.

    Trying to stay humble during times of adversity is a tough call

    No one wants to lose their job due to politics or adversity. Sometimes remaining humble during adversity is the only thing that gets some people by. But, when you try to put square pegs in round holes, understand this – at some point the game is up.

     Humility is sign of strength not weakness

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    ooo message

    Out of Office


    I was trying to write an out of office (OOO) message the other day, and I wasn’t feeling any love flowing from the process. Rummaging through a number of my co-workers past OOO messages, it was apparent none of them were feeling the love when they wrote theirs either.

    I decided to search out some smarty pants OOO’s on the net. But… most of the ones I found of value, would probably have gotten me into serious trouble if I used them. Dang it!

    I didn’t want to leave the standard “‘ ….. — ……”

    I also knew I couldn’t post any pictures of my fluffy little pink body lying on the beach somewhere, sipping a cocktail either. It’s your loss!

    There was no in-between and no escape in writing this stupid out of office message. So I decided to borrow from a Twitter OOO, and invent my own headliner. I was inspired!

    1. Hi. I’m out enjoying the big outdoors – want to crash my fun? send me a tweet at: ‘ .
    2. I’m on vacation but will be reviewing my messages periodically. You can tweet me. Since we have limited space to chat, please use 1 and 2 letter words only in your reply. R u ok w/it?
    3. I’m on vacation – I’m okay. If you feel the need to check up on me, I will – all my travel adventures on Twitter at 6:30am and 3:00pm to go out during the daily board meeting times.
    4. Hi, I’m out of the office on vacation. Thanks for contacting me. You are now subscribed to my twitter feed and all 3000 followers. .
    0-6 Out of OfficeThere are also those that kind of leave you wondering if your co-workers are normal (locking your doors extra tight at night).
    1. I am on vacation, but I will be watching you. Not in the stalker type of way or anything – but watching. Always watching. I see you looked at my Twitter.
    2. While gone I have left (#name) in charge of your department. Tweet me your escape plan. We’ll plan a rendezvous.
    3. I am out of the office but I will be checking in on you. What’s your twitter handle?

    You also have the Sappy, Happy, and Don’t you wish you were ones.

    0-7 Out of Office
    1. Hi. I’m enjoying the islands with family and friends. We have o social media and/or email contact policy while sunbathing along the sunny shores and living the dream.
    2. So glad you stopped by to leave me a message. I’m currently on a cruise ship in the Carribean. You can Tweet me, but this bird has already flown the coop.
    3. I’m currently out of the office experiencing life. You should get one too! I know you want it. Raise your hand and say ” Please!”
    4. This is your boss. You aren’t allowed to have fun while I am gone. I’ve hidden the company credit card and reduced your wireless connection to “nothing”. I’ve had cameras installed and will be monitoring your movement throughout the day.
    5. I’m off to the lovely islands to drink in the sun and dance the night away. I’ll be bringing back seashells and beaded crafts – along with a better attitude when I return.

    I suppose I’m lazy. Or maybe I’m afraid of the replies I might receive from leaving my charming if not sarcastic jibs for my fellow office workers to read.

    My personal favorite: -!


    The “As Usual” series

    Content creator & writer, blogger, social and digital media advocate. JB was born with a passion for writing and instructional design. JB is the owner of Radcliff Design.

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    A Real Team

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    A Real Team

     Ever wonder what a real team looks like, feels like, acts like? 

    I’ve worked on a multitude of different professional teams in my lifetime.  Some were good, some were so-so, and some were just flat out disappointing.  One particular team that I had the privilege to be a part of, rocked in every dimension. It was at the  Chamber of Commerce (Moab) when I was first starting out in the business world, almost 23 years ago.  The Chamber of Commerce at the time was located in the same complex as the local Grand County Travel Council.  The Chamber owned the building.  If you can imagine tourists from all walks of life, business professionals looking to relocate to the area, and local entrepreneurs seeking all forms of statistical information lining the counters and desks – that is where you would find me.  Phones ringing off the wall, a million questions coming at you, and staff running around trying to get literature out to the visiting masses. That was my world.


    There were a number of things we as a team had memorized by heart, the brochures, and all the local attractions:

    • The restrooms are located around back and just across the bridge over the small dry creek
    • Please don’t forget your sunscreen and take plenty of water
    • When asked where the Arch was, we would go into a 2-minute informative speech about Arches National Park, and the many Arches contained inside the park
    • Yes the Chamber board is made up of elected local business owners and concerned private citizens
    • Economic development packets are available at our office or downtown at the County office
    • The film commission does not have an office in our building. Yes we have a brochure for that too
    • The pool, movie theater, bike repair, and where to eat were all hot topics

     As you entered the Chamber of Commerce/Travel Council building, there was a small room off to the left as you first walked in. Housed in this room were tons of  brochures and flyers on the local city and recreational areas.  An overhead TV played continually the lengthy jingles from the ads that helped to  teleport visitors minds to the great attractions that lay before them.  Often sunburned and chapped lipped youngest just off a river or jeeping excursion would run to and fro before exhausted parents could gather them up in an attempt to quiet them down. 

    Our miracle gals behind the front counter were Jacque, Melissa, and Annie.  One
    of them would burst out with the candy jar and take that heavy parental load off the parents; making little frowns turn into smiles as the children would gladly take the candy and whatever paraphilia was given to them.  Stickers and pens, key chains and other free swag kept the kids at bay, while mom and pop looked over the brochures, planning their next family adventure.

    Tucked away in the back were Judith and Rene.  They were always working steadily on the next travel council brochures and upcoming travel events.  They were designing some of the first displays for their overseas trips to sell the world on the idea of the Grand Circle tour ( Zion, Bryce, Capitol Reef, Arches,Canyonlands and Grand Canyon national parks).


    Val and I  had desks next to each other out in the open for the world to find us. She could be found busy entering all the travel information requests and filling out forms and making labels for all the seasonal guiding companies who came in weekly for marketing information.  I would be planning Chamber events and dealing with the business community concerns; or planning parades and Chamber luncheons,  and making my own packets for relocation and small business development. 

    Five o’clock was a good time.  We did things together.  We celebrated each other’s life moments.  We had Saturday coffee down the river road, or gathered at someone’s house for a team get together.   We all knew our rank in the organization, it was team member.  Sure we all had titles, but friend was the best one. 

    So many organizations have lost the title of team and friend.  Those titles have been replaced with negative titles that strip the humanity from a person, and leave an empty soul in its place. 


    Being part of a team means

    • You get up and help the gals or guys behind the counter when she or he is swamped with customers
    • You grab the Chamber or Travel phone and ask for a number and  get a call back
    • You help your team mate by going outside with them, to tell that visitor that the bird bath is for the birds and not bathing
    • You gently bring out the fire extinguisher when you light your best friends 30th birthday cake at 7:30 in the morning
    • You lock up when  others can’t
    • You open the building up with a smile on your face and you do it all over again with each other helping along the way
    • Being a part of a team and helping to meet goals and deadlines. Just getting to the bank or the post office can be difficult.  Your team helps you with even these small steps
    • Group hugs – priceless

    Watching a team member move away, or move on to bigger adventures is bitter sweet. But we celebrated each other’s success and we acknowledged the fact that they were a part of who we are today – because they were in our lives. It is true I have worked on other great teams, but you never forget your first one. 

    A team can be a complex unit of individuals helping each other to research and discover new things.  A team can also be a group of like minded kind people just doing what they do every day.  Simple or complex - celebrate! Celebrate each other in your lives. 

    Thanks Ya'll!