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    caring creates resilience

    The very act of caring creates resilience


    Stress plays a big factor in your overall health, we all know that. There are many experts which give us any number of remedies and cures for how to deal with stress. Finding which remedy works for you is a process. My hopes are that you have others around you who will act as a support team to help you find just the right remedy or process to gain and keep your health on track.

    Stress has a lot to do with our body’s vital organs and the health of those organs. It is important to tell your doctor about changes in your mood so that you can discuss treatment options best suited for you. Working on your own internal senses to build yourself up, and maintain a healthy state of mind is so important to the quality of your life. Did you know that the very act of caring creates resilience, and in turn, helps the body to not overreact to stress?

    The very act of caring creates resilience, and in turn helps the body to not overreact to stress.

    Therapy is also a great way to talk through those touchy situations that you might be holding onto unnecessarily. Talk Therapy is also great for creating new conversations and opening up doors to collaborations; about things you might have wanted to explore but were always afraid to try.

    The fight or flight mechanism which is a built-in survival tool becomes unhealthy for our bodies when we are subject to stress or trauma in a never-ending cycle. Taking control over our stress and making it our friend, gives us the upper hand, and helps us keep our body chemistries more in line with those of a healthy lifestyle.

    If you are stressed over past events or situations you had no control over, you have to learn to let go of that negativity. Holding onto toxicity will not create an unhealthy outcome. For those who suffer from health issues, gaining the upper hand over your emotions and thoughts could extend your life. Even add years.

    While I am no expert, I know that by just being kind when you have it in your power to do, will give you strength in your personal life; that includes your health. The benefits are rewarding.

    Be Kind Always

    It doesn’t cost you anything

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    Creative and Inspirational People

    Creative and Inspirational People

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    Creative and Inspirational People 

    Creative people have a deep respect for the very essence of everything around them.  It is as if they have a thirst for all things new and exciting.  Who wouldn’t want to be around a creative and inspirational person?  They are uplifting, kind, and filled with a wonder for life.  They can light up a room by just walking in with a smile on their face. They are usually highly intelligent in their own right and  don’t flaunt it unless challenged in a negative way.

    They will bring you strawberries in winter, and sprinkle glitter on your papers just to make you smile.  They draw you out of your head and make you think about things in a different way.  A way that has light to it.  A way that seems easy to follow. Go there!

    Creative people aren’t obsessed with who they are, or what they may or may not have done in the past.  They are comfortable in the moment. They engage others in a willingness to be open and fair;  listening and absorbing every spoonful of what you have to say.  They are excellent listeners!  They are interested in you, and they want to explore a friendly relationship.

    They are comfortable in the moment

    They can have an open dialogue with you and not come across as pompous and unfair, nor self-conceited.  They live life in the moment!

    1.They are really interested in you!

    2. They seek to know you as a person  in the moment! Your past is irrelevant.

    3. They aren’t interested in long  stories about themselves. They live in the moment and can talk about subject ranging from rocket science to hopscotch, arts to football.  As long as it is in the moment they are with you.

    4. They won’t lecture you, nor drill you with facts, or try to control you with words, actions or deeds.  They keep their emotions in check and keep that part of their life private where it needs to be.  They are greeters, not whiners.

    It may be a little over -whelming to meet and greet with these types of creative and inspirational people at first.  Especially if you aren’t used to that upbeat type of personality. They are rare and well sought after – for a good reason.  They are so refreshing – you will be looking for ways to incorporate  them into your lifeimmediately.  But how?

    How do you keep the attention of a highly creative and inspirational person or group of people?

    1. Listen to them, not the thoughts in your head.

    2.  Do not lecture them.  The worst thing you can do to a creative and inspirational person is to lose their respect.  Lecturing on your “know it all” issues  is a deal killer.

    Because they are so loved  and respected by  so many, I would hesitate before I spoke badly in certain circles about them.  Many carry clout you are unaware of. They are the darlings of society.  It’s not about money or education, it’s about truthfulness, kindness, and a mutual respect for others.  These people thrive on fairness.  Many are community volunteers.  They genuinely love people and want to help everywhere they can.

    They genuinely love people and want to help everywhere they can.  

    If you have an inferiority complex, creative and inspirational people are not  who you want to take your complex out upon.  Save those talented folks from your momentary lapse of good judgement, and instead learn to mimic what they do.  Pretty soon you may find out you have something in common with these inspiring people.  Once you learn to keep your own feelings in check (and your mouth shut), you will find you have plenty of positive things to talk about. These folks really do have their stuff together.   Learn from them.

    -Be creative and learn to listen and hear more than the thoughts in your head.

    -Be inspirational and allow others to know you on a different scale, a scale filled with meaningful thoughts and actions.

    -Be prepared to hear positive solutions, and positive reinforcement on concrete ideas based on sound intellect, working knowledge and experience. The term precise comes to mind, or in-eight.  It’s just natural for them.  Don’t judge, rather follow their lead.

    These people can be  addictive to others who haven’t experienced first hand what it is like to explore life to the fullest.  They can shape and mold an organization with just a smile and a friendly chat. They love to wrap people in a PEACE bubble and make them feel appreciated and excepted for who and what they are.  People have value just living in the moment.  Remember to keep negativity from creeping its ugly head into your new found PEACE bubble.  Learn to hold your tongue and avoid your own mind talk. Crawl out of your own head and live in the moment.  Be creative and inspirational!

    Crawl out of your own head and live in the moment


    The “As Usual” series

    Content creator & writer, blogger, social and digital media advocate. JB was born with a passion for writing and instructional design. JB is the owner of Radcliff Design.








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    Working in a Tourist Town – with a Professional Team

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    Working in a Tourist Town – with a Professional Team.  A Real Team!

    I’ve worked on a multitude of different professional teams in my lifetime. Some were good, some were so-so, and some were just flat out disappointing. One particular team that I had the privilege to be a part of, rocked in every dimension. It was at the Moab Chamber of Commerce, back when I was first starting out in the business world, almost 26 years ago. The Chamber of Commerce at the time was located in the same complex as the local Grand County Travel Council.

    If you can image tourists from all walks of life, business professionals looking to relocate to the area, and local entrepreneurs seeking all forms of statistical information lining the counters and desks – that is where you would find me. Phones ringing off the wall, a million questions coming at you, and staff running around trying to get literature out to the visiting masses. That was my world.

    There were a number of things we as a team had memorized by heart, besides the brochures, and all the local attractions:

    ·       The restrooms are located around back and just across the bridge over the small dry creek

    ·       Please don’t forget your sunscreen and take plenty of water

    ·       When asked where the Arch was, we would go into a 2-minute informative speech about Arches National Park, and the many Arches contained inside the park

    ·       Yes the Chamber board is made up of elected local business owners and concerned private citizens

    ·       Economic development packets are available at our office or downtown at the County office

    ·       The film commission does not have an office in our building. Yes we have a brochure

    ·       The pool, movie theater, bike repair, and where to eat were all hot topics

    As you entered the building, there was a small room off to the left as you walked in. Housed in this room were tons of brochures and flyers on the local and recreational areas. An overhead TV played continually the lengthy jingles from the ads that help to teleport visitors minds to the great attractions that lay before them as they ventured out into the red rocks that surround my hometown.

    Often sunburned and chapped lipped youngest, fresh off a river or jeeping excursion would run to and fro before exhausted parents could gather them up in an attempt to quiet them.

    Our miracle gals behind the front counter were Jacque, Melissa, and Annie. One of them would burst out with the candy jar and take that heavy parental load off the parents and make little frowns turn into smiles as the children would gladly take the candy and whatever paraphilia was given to them. Stickers and pens, key chains and other free swag kept the kids at bay, while mom and pop looked over the brochures, planning their next family adventure.

    Tucked away in the back were Judith and Rene. They were also working steadily on the next travel council brochures and upcoming travel events. They were designing some of the first displays for their overseas trips to sell the world on the idea of the Grand Circle tour ( Zion,BryceCapitol ReefArchesCanyonlands and Grand Canyon national parks).

    Val and I had desks next to each other out in the open for the world to find us.  She could be found busy entering all the travel information requests and filling out forms and making labels for all the seasonal guiding companies who came in weekly for marketing information. I would be planning Chamber events and dealing with the business community concerns, planning parades and Chamber luncheons, and making my own packets for relocation and small business development.

    Five o’clock was a good time. We did things together. We celebrated each other’s life moments. We had Saturday coffee down the river road or gathered at someone’s house for a team get together.  We all knew our rank in the organization, it was team member. Sure we all had titles, but friend was the best one.

    So many organizations have lost the title of team and friend. Those titles have been replaced with negative titles that strip the humanity from a person and leave an empty soul in its place.

    Being part of a tourist team means

    You get up and help the gals or guys behind the counter when she or he is swamped with tourists and customers

    You grab the Chamber phone and ask for a number and get a callback

    You help your teammate by going outside with them, to tell that visitor that the bird bath is for the birds and not bathing

    You help your teammate by going outside with them, to tell that visitor that the bird bath is for the birds and not bathing

    You gently bring out the fire extinguisher when you light your best friends 30th birthday cake at 7:30 in morning

    You lock up when others can’t

    You open the building up with a smile on your face and you do it all over again with each other helping along the way

    Being a part of a team and helping to meet goals and deadlines. Just getting to the bank or the post office can be difficult. Your team helps you with even these small steps.

    Group hugs – priceless

    Watching a team member move away, or move on to bigger adventures is bittersweet. But we celebrated each other’s success and we acknowledged the fact that they were a part of who we are today – because they were in our lives.

    NOTE: My life has moved on in many directions since 26 years ago. I can say today that I enjoy my new team, and I’m excited about the adventures we will explore together! It’s those rare teams of people that life throws together at odd points in life that add value and memories of a job well done. Embrace it.



    The “As Usual” series

    Content creator & writer, blogger, social and digital media advocate. JB was born with a passion for writing and instructional design. JB is the owner of Radcliff Design.

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    Change how you think - and you will change your life

    Change how you think – and you will change your life

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    By nature, you are happy, caring, respectful, and have a deep appreciation for those around you. You are a good person. Yet some days you feel like “meh“.

    It’s a jolt to your happy-go-lucky self, to have to put up with other people who don’t feel good about themselves; or anything in general. In fact, they feel so bad about themselves and their plight in society, that they want to make everyone around them feel just as miserable. They like to control, their bossy, whiny, vindictive, and they want to be YOUR friend.

    Don’t pay the ransom – I escaped!

    I escaped from the “meh” mindset – and so can you. Change how you think, and you will change your life. Getting caught up in “thinking” about what others say and do really isn’t in your best interest. By doing that, you end up becoming paranoid, defeated, you lose creativity, and your peaceful way of life gets disrupted. The “meh” can wear you down over time.

    I drive mean people nuts – I know that. But that is really not my problem, it is theirs. I am able to articulate the positive emotions that bring me joy. I say it to their face. I am able to move on quickly when face-to-face with mean people. I do it deliberately and with no remorse. The less space (time) I spend with them the better. By giving up more space to them, I wouldn’t be making any headway with them – so it is just as easy to nip the conversation in the bud and move on quickly.

    I drive mean people nuts – I know that. But that is really not my problem, it is theirs

    The chances are that mean person in your life, will continue to be mean. If they were mean when you first met them, they will continue to be mean; while looking for ways to bring you to their level of “meh“. They want to know what you are doing. Don’t tell them. Not unless they have a “REAL” need to know. But I would still hold back. Less is more.

    Yes, they will think all kinds of cruel and untrue things about you. Yes, they will close their doors, and with others who have been sucked into their “meh”, laugh and talk about you.

    Still – don’t tell them anything. Just stand your ground, far-far-away from them. Are you feeling better yet? You should! There is an old saying “What other people think about you, is none of your business”. It’s true, and the sooner you learn to ignore it the better you will feel. I’m going to tell you why.

    I’m going to tell why!

    Start to fill your mind with happy thoughts. Who knows, you may be one of the very few who are escaping the daily torment, while your co-worker is getting hammered by this guy or gal. Ever hear your co-worker complain that they go home each night feeling anxious, worried, and defeated? It’s because they made the decision to stay and listen to “meh”. They don’t know how to get out. They would rather be laughing with you – the happy one.

    You need to be surrounding yourself with happy people. Do things for yourself. Things that make you feel important. Because you are important. Be open to others who are also open. Take walks, or look out the window and view the world outside. Call someone special, listen to a nice song. Pet your dog, travel, go out to dinner with friends, and laugh a lot! Factor in these type of behaviors into your daily routine, and practice them religiously.

    If you change how you react, plus your response time around mean people, you will start to gain back your positive mojo again. Once you have finally shut the “meh” up – don’t look back. Don’t feel sorry for them either. Not unless you feel a “meh” coming on.

    Change how you think, and you will change your life. You will be happy at your job, or with a relationship again. You will feel more creative, and full of pep. You will be glad to greet new challenges with a willingness to be active and helpful. Life is what you make of it – so, change how you think – and you will change your own life.

    Change how you think, and you will change your life.

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    It’s the simple things in life

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    It’s the simple things in life, it really is. The simple things that make you feel good about yourself, others around you, and the world.

    I think that one of the worst things you can do is to listen to your own thoughts and try to rationalize and dwell on a stupid mistake that you might have made. There is no rationalization, you just made a mistake, own up to it, and move on. Maybe you feel that those around you really don’t know you, or understand your potential. You are just going through the daily motions of working and hoping someone will notice something good that you did that day. That’s not a good work environment.

    If you are relying on others for your happiness – it won’t happen. You are responsible for your own happiness. You have to dig deep within yourself to find that spirit of truth, warmth, and happiness. It’s there – that positive wellness. You just need to start tapping into it.

    How do you change a negative situation? You change your thoughts. You start to input positive thoughts to replace the negative ones. How? You might ask. Start by doing some of the following:

    1.      Say to yourself “I am worth it”. Say it a lot. Send yourself reminders to say it! Post it on an I love me Board“. Do whatever it takes to remind yourself. You are worth it

    I love me Board ~ J. D.

    2.      Build new relationships with others in your office, and socially outside of work

    3.      If you know you are going to meet with rejection or criticism from a fellow co-worker if you ask them a question – don’t ask them! Seriously, don’t ask them. Ask someone else, or look it up yourself. Avoid their office

    4.      I understand that sometimes you have to ask a negative co-worker a question, but do so when you aren’t alone with them, so you have someone else there with you, who can see and hear the situation

    5.      Don’t allow your co-workers to take advantage of you, especially when they take extended and frequent breaks. They aren’t your boss, and it’s NOT your responsibility to babysit their job – it’s theirs. Tell them no, you are busy doing your own work. Don’t be guilted into anything!

    6.      Don’t be afraid to say “NO”

    7.      Let me say that one again. Don’t be afraid to say “NO”

    8.      If you work overtime – or pull a shift straight without any breaks, don’t let anyone make you feel guilty if you leave at a different time than he or she does. You’re on the honor system

    9.      Stop saying “I’m Sorry”. There are a million ways to correct an error without leading off with “I’m Sorry”.  Some things just need an adjustment to get them working correctly. It doesn’t mean you need to apologize for every tiny thing. Fix it if you can, and move on

    10.  Believe in yourself, and treat yourself to good things. Treat yourself daily. See #1 above for the reason why.

    It is very important that you take time for yourself. Time to relax and reflect on the things that you care about. Taking trips, and looking after your health is good for refreshing the spirit within you. When you take care of yourself, you are much more able to fight off the dreaded negatives that might pop up in your way.

    Setting Goals

    Set a goal for yourself. Start by losing some of that negative baggage in your head. Start packing positive thoughts, and use those positives each day.

    If you feel yourself slipping into temptation, and feeling down – make sure you have some backup. Find a positive buddy if you can. Someone whom you can talk to, and know that what you say won’t be broadcast to the entire office, the community, or some social network!

    It’s the simple things in life, that can lift you out from under the bus that you might feel is sitting on top of you. Set some goals! But set realistic goals.

    If you set your goals too high, too soon, you might lose your momentum. You can have long-term goals – but you need small milestone goals along the way as well. Treat yourself well, and treat yourself often! Milestones!

    Treat yourself well, and treat yourself often! Milestones!

    I will be honest, some days it is hard to stay positive, and stick to my goal. But what I have discovered is if you immediately come back with a positive, after a negative confrontation – you can de-escalate, and/or completely defuse a situation. Nine times out of 10, coming back with a positive will work in your favor.

    Goal Helpers – For Directing Positive Thinking

    ·        Do good always

    ·        Always smile and greet those you work with each morning, especially the grouchy ones

    ·        Thank people when they help you, and even when they can’t. At least they listened

    ·        Tip the waiter or waitress, even the bad ones

    ·        Pet your puppy dog

    ·        Wave at your neighbor or say Hi

    ·        Hold the door for someone

    ·        Complement someone when it is earned

    ·        Treat yourself daily to positives

    ·        Laugh often and loudly. Laugh at yourself.

    Keep up the positives and soon you will begin to see the positives coming out in others around you. Never give up, and never give in. You can change your own environment! Just stay positive.


    The “As Usual” series

    Content creator & writer, blogger, social and digital media advocate. JB was born with a passion for writing and instructional design. JB is the owner of Radcliff Design.