Everyone has one - that career hiccup.  The first thing I found out about myself after my career hiccup was that I had the ability to write whatever I wanted to, and not feel minimized by it.   I also no longer had to sit through those painful Monday morning meetings that felt like I was in a torture chamber.  It was a one-man show in those meetings, and no one was allowed an original idea.   All creativity was dismissed until it was needed by someone else: but by that time they had already put someone else's name on the idea. It was stifling to say the least.  Sound familiar?

All creativity was dismissed until it was needed by someone else: but by that time they had already put someone else's name on the idea.

In retrospect

I have to say that my career hiccup was probably the best thing to ever happen to me.  Being able to go out into the general population and meet and greet people on my own terms has been so rewarding. I’m alive again.  It’s given me my sanity back, my compassion for others, and my awareness of just how short life is.  I've found my voice - and I will tell you what I think.

Working under a dictator is not healthy for anyone.   At some point, you have to break free – and live for you. Work should never be overly controlling of your life nor continually depressing month end, year out.  Work is work, but there are limits to acceptability.  Sometimes you just have to walk away.

In retrospect, I have to say that my career hiccup was probably the best thing to ever happen to me.

Things to help you overcome your career hiccup:

  1. Write, and write a lot. Write that hiccup completely out of your system. Don’t post the negatives.  Leave them to wonder why
  2. Walk outside and smell the fresh air. Turn your face to the sunshine. Remove the rose-colored glasses
  3. Do something that you have longed to do, but were too afraid you would be judged inadequate for. Go out there, ride a Harley, sing karaoke
  4. Change your hairstyle, learn to ride a bike again, swim, go for walks – watch those late night movies, get a dog
  5. Ask for recommendations from the competitor, friend or foe
  6. Go to work for the competitor
  7. Don’t go seeking a vendetta, however. Life is too short to waste it on people who really don’t deserve any space in your life. Fate will get them in the end. Just leave it alone
  8. Volunteer for things outside your comfort zone – meet and greet new people
  9. Learn a new trade or expand on the skills you already have. Do on the job training to grow, or train others, teach
  10. Be happy that you get this opportunity to renew this part of your life

Maybe a few items above sound trivial.  But until you have lost them in your loi-300x238 How to Overcome that Career Hiccup - One Hiccup at a timelife, you will never know how valuable they really are.  Maybe you do know.  Maybe you are walking that fine line between normal and not quite right.  Something has been eating at your insides.  Something "good" is missing.

Working for a living is different than living for work.  Make the choice to be free of the squabbling and arrogant types.  Set up an environment that fits your new happy-go-lucky lifestyle, and breath.

Live life your way

Cool Waves