Coffee – Drink Up The Wicked Brew

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    Coffee – Drink Up The Wicked Brew

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    Coffee – Drink Up The Wicked Brew. There are a lot of pros and cons about drinking coffee on the net. Once you start to dispell the myths and facts about those little coffee beans that brighten your morning and relieve your brain-fog – life can be good! Especially if you like coffee. It’s all about the caffeine.

    It’s all about the caffeine.

    The extent that people will go to get caffeine is uncanny. As well, the many flavors added to caffeine, and scrumptious desserts on the side, are only limited to one’s imagination.

    The Wicked Brew

    I love this sign on the side of an espresso drive-thru, located in a small wooden trailer sitting on a parcel of land next to HWY 191, just south of Moab Utah. The Wicked Brew is the name on the side. Eclectic in every way, this drive through serves 100’s of coffees a day, to locals and tourists alike. Drive-thru windows are located on both sides of the building. The staff is friendly and makes your drinks for you right at the window. It rivals Starbucks in every way for taste and quality. Yet, it has that new age mantra that so many millennials flock to in trying to fit into a culture that says “the new in crowd”.

    They have a killer pumpkin and chocolate chip bread.

    Getting personal with Caffeine

    My personal experience is that caffeine helps to remove the brain-fog, increases my concentration, energy, and feelings of being more social. There is scientific research behind these types of experiences. John Hopkins School of Medicine in Baltimore and Harvard both did studies that support these experiences. They also have shown that within moderation caffeine can help improve memory and logical reasoning.

    Cognitive ability has also shown a slower decline in women who consumed caffeine. That according to the French National Institute for Health and Medical Research.


    Those who are health conscious are finding that caffeine has a high level of antioxidants, which may promote heart health–not to mention reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes, and other such diseases. It can help with your mood and relieve Monday morning headaches. Let’s hope so!

    Moderation and Caffeine Levels

    For a healthy adult, it is suggested that about 300 mg a day is a moderate intake of caffeine. It’s not a pill that you take. It is a plant –but a stimulant. It can cause anxiety, and increase your appetite. Moderation is key with caffeine intake. You have to know your own shut-off point.

    Your Skin

    One downside to coffee (caffeine) is it’s highly acidic. High levels can mess with your stress hormones, which are directly linked to your skin’s oil production. We are talking about dry skin and wrinkles being a side effect. It can also act as a diuretic. So if you are wanting to keep your skin in good health, make sure you drink plenty of water throughout the rest of the day. Everyone is different and reacts differently to caffeine. Find your levels, and take care of your skin.

    Morning – Respect the Caffeine!

    Respect. While each of us has our own moderation levels, it isn’t safe when someone else tries to monitor those levels for us. If you constantly have someone bringing you in coffee or filling the office candy dish (ugh! sugar), you will never be able to moderate your own needs. Gently ask the happy giver to ask you what you like, and maybe suggest they buy for themselves first and allow you to decide what you like. Ask them to remove the candy dish.

    Ask them to remove the candy dish

    I don’t generally make office coffee. I don’t raise my hand and say “I’ll make it”. Rather, I like to plan to get a list from others in the office and do a coffee run. Maybe take a friend with me. Some people like lattes, some frappuccino, and some like it black. I like it black! Just give me the beans and I’ll chew them. Or brew a fine smooth Earl Gray tea – that’s like heaven.

    I’m no one’s personal secretary, but I do like those coffee runs! It’s an entirely self-serving function. I don’t keep coffee in my house. I make my caffeine moments more than just a cup on the counter. I make it an event!

    Enjoy a cup!

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