Goals – Removing Obstacles

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    Goals - Removing Obstacles

    Goals – Removing Obstacles

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    Where are you in alignment with your goals? Are you at the bottom, midway, or almost to the top? Maybe you have reached that goal. Or you could be one of those people who move from one self-satisfying goal to another. Is what you’re doing today, moving you closer to where you want to be? No matter where you are in transition to accomplishing a goal, there are certain lessons that tend to be consistent along the way. You either learn the lessons that will help you be more successful or you don’t.

    Here’s a hint if you are uncertain of your goals. The voice of enthusiasm has a lot to do with where you will end up.

    Great equalizer

    You can engage others, and motivate them, but with all the transferring of knowledge – don’t allow them to overcome you. There are those who believe that they have the power to overcome you. The more you show and guide them, the more they use that knowledge as a weapon.  It’s unfortunate – but some people are not hardwired to be grateful and appreciative. True!

    It is okay to set boundaries, and set them early. It is also okay to put things aside and allow people to grow with the current knowledge you impart to them, until you come to a point where more knowledge is necessary. Like a scaffolding tool you go upward one step at a time.

    It is important to take the time to learn so that there is an equality in thought and processes within your working environment. Knowledge is a great equalizer. Too much too soon can become problematic. Life is not a scorecard to one-up each other. Back up your guidance with a voice of enthusiasm. Sell enthusiasm to others. Do away with any hidden scorecards.

    Life is not a scorecard. Life is based on what you give. ~dhar mann

    Most seasoned employers have experienced dealing with an employee that has gained too much knowledge too soon.  The outcome is that they run around trying to do everyone else’s job for them. You the trainer then have to reign in the rouge employee and set new limits, plus deescalate any anger that still lingers in the ranks. It’s leaves a sore spot for a while.

    When a Band-Aid isn’t enough

    There are those times when anger can be toxic, and you get left to clean it up.  You have to be on your feet with this one. Immediately stick that toxicity in a barrel and properly label it (Lessons Learned), then ship it someplace safe where no one else can be harmed by it. Knowledge is power – I get it. But rein that knowledge in correctly, and disperse it with conciseness. Sometimes you find that it isn’t higher knowledge that employees are seeking. What they are needing instead is coaching. “A pat on the back”. Many already have the skills, they just need the coach or mentor to say “good job”.

    Knowledge is power – I get it. But rein that knowledge in correctly, and disperse it with conciseness

    We all dread annual reviews. Doesn’t matter if we are giving them or receiving them. Anxiety starts a month before and lasts for a month afterwards or longer. You say the word annual review and people revert to living life on eggshells. Reading on a thread regarding Productivity Pyramid and Employee Performance I noticed one comment from a gentleman named Lex Watterson, that stood out. It summed up the entire process.  “An annual review can be like an autopsy: you are examining the body of work to see why the patient died. Frequent coaching sessions are like diet and exercise. They contribute to improvement”.

    An annual review can be like an autopsy: you are examining the body of work to see why the patient died. Frequent coaching sessions are like diet and exercise. They contribute to improvement. ~ Lex Watterson


    Boredom can always be overcome by filing your emails. That includes your sent files (LOL).   It is interesting to see how much work can be generated and how quickly boredom can escalate to “I’m busy”.  Just clean up your inbox. You might also find some stuff you missed.

    Here is another one. Create your digital filing system so that it is easily accessible and noticeable. If you have others who can help you do that – fine. But you better have some type of filing system for those items that you don’t want to lose or neglect. Voice why it is important to double check your email account. It is not open for discussion – its business. Sometimes you get paid to be bored.

    Open for debate and discussion

    Debate and discussion are two different things all together. Choosing which communications you are willing to openly allow discussion upon, or even debate, is tricky. Maintaining consistency and conciseness are important, or your discussions can go south quickly. When you find yourself in the teeth of debate – how much collusion is there against you? How do you reign it back in? How do you end the debate and bring it back to a normal level of discussion? Set your boundaries at the beginning. Be willing to take a stand and end the matter. Look at where you have come from:

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    • Great equalizer
    • When a Band-Aid isn’t enough
    • Boredom

    I deliberately left out gossip in the list of things above. That is the first thing I want others to understand – not the last. It just doesn’t have a place. It’s like discussing your business matters with your competitor.

    You have done what you can. You’ve set up systems to help keep track of important details, and everyone has a job. What’s missing now?  I’ll tell you.

    Voice of enthusiasm

    When you become the voice of enthusiasm, things start to change. Change the world by the size of your heart. We are all human beings. We all want to hear those words of encouragement. Set limits, be fair, and notice others. Talk to the janitor as you do the manager – same level, same respect. Ship toxicity away from your environment, and replace it with coaching and understanding. Don’t neglect training. Training is key.

    Listen to your people. But be willing to take a stand and end a matter. Don’t allow knowledge to become a risk.

    Don’t allow knowledge to become a risk. Be the Voice of enthusiasm instead