How to keep from falling behind, when you are already ahead – STOP

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    How to keep from falling behind, when you are already ahead – STOP

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    How to keep from falling behind, when you are already ahead – Stop.  A lot of us live our lives like this. Meeting deadlines, negotiating deals, setting up operations or systems. Once you are caught up and on track, you still sense a little nagging thought in the back of your mind that says “I gotta keep going”. “I can’t relax”.  I’m all caught up, but why do I feel like I’m late?

    I’m all caught up, but why do I feel like I’m late?

    Just recently I finished a project that was eating up a lot of my time, and left me feeling on the edge of my seat. If I finished the project early, someone would think I didn’t have enough to do. If I finish late, some might think I’m not staying on task. You can’t win in this scenario. When you experience this phenomenon enough times, you’re body and mind learn that, business, work, and life, are all done in constant distraction mode.


    It’s one thing to work hard, it’s another to balance that hard work with a good measure of life balanced activities; including downtime. Many have been in distraction mode for so long, they don’t know how to de-escalate, and build in life balance measures for their lives.


    The old saying that failure to plan on your part does not mean action on my part – that often sneaks into the equation when dealing with other distracted co-workers. As the cycle of the day runs its course, people will ride the working wave at different times, locations, levels, and mindsets. A lot of times the mindsets don’t equal each other. We all have our high and low points during the day.

    How is your stress today? Stressed much?

    Stress plays a big factor in your overall health, and I think we all know that. There are a lot of experts out there, which give us any number of remedies and cures for how to deal with stress. Finding which remedy works for you is a process. My hopes are that you have others around you who will act as a support team to help you find just the right remedy or process to gain and keep your health on track.

    Just the word stress, can be a trigger for some people

    Stress has a lot to do with our body’s vital organs and the health of those organs. It is important to tell your doctor about changes in your mood so that you can discuss treatment options best suited for you. Working on your own internal senses to build yourself up and maintain a healthy state of mind, is so important to the quality of your life. Did you know that the very act of caring creates resilience, and in turn helps the body to not overreact to stress?

    Talk Therapy is also a great way to talk through those situations that you might be holding onto unnecessarily. Talk Therapy is also great for creating new conversations and opening up doors to collaborations; about things you might have wanted to explore but were always afraid to try.

    How to keep from falling behind, when you are already ahead – STOP

    The fight or flight mechanism which is a built-in survival tool becomes unhealthy for our bodies when we are subject to it in a never-ending cycle. Taking control of our stress and making it your friend, gives you the upper hand, and helps you keep your body chemistries more in line with those of a healthy lifestyle.

    If you are stressed over past events or situations you had no control over, you have to learn to let go of that negativity. Holding onto that toxicity will only create an unhealthy outcome. For those who suffer from health issues, gaining the upper hand over your emotions and thoughts could extend your life. Even add years.

    I know that by just being kind when you have it in your power to do so, will give you strength in your personal life; that includes your health. The benefits are rewarding.

    Don’t let work rob you of your life. Put stress on notice, as well as any difficult co-worker. Be willing to speak up, out, and overcome the stress. Find that niche where you feel comfortable. Buy yourself a stop button and start using it.


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