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Community Business Presentation

Design for business summits to highlight local business leaders, and their businesses. Working with partners within the community to put the best face forward on all we do. 

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Research Proposal Presentation

Along with fellow colleague Jamie Powell, we researched the topic of Mobile Instructional Technology.  We brought together an understanding of the most modern trends in education, and what future trends may look like.  

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Technological Classroom and Generation X,Y: Prezi Video Web Presentation

A glimpse from the inside of a university setting.  Video Interviews from Traditional to Modern learning science instructors.  Also included is a Generation X, Y video presentation for entertainment.   

Keeping It Real

Life and writing are beautiful metaphors. I wholeheartedly enjoy the ability to write and create my own materials in any situation I find myself in. Sure, I can write for the other guy, but when it's just for my own pleasure, I like to give myself the opportunity to research and design materials based on my own creative needs, my own passions.  The same holds true for those of us  who present live to audiences; like teachers, lecturers, and public personalities, etc.   It doesn't matter which field you may be  presenting on - all that really matters is that you enjoy  what it is you are doing. 

I have witnessed what technology has done in the lives of those around me, and it has motivated me to want to continue to advance my own training skills, using that technology to help others learn how to reach their goals. Learning is not all about self-indulgence. In fact, learning is more about giving of yourself, and the ability to use your skills in an effective manner to help others reach their true potential. Sure, learning is a philosophical journey – one that trains our minds to think in a more rational, clear, and meaningful way. It also teaches us to dream.

The ability to use your skills in an effective manner to help others reach their true potential

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Regardless of  what field we find ourselves in, we are all lifelong learners. We should embrace that - and learn as much as we can, as long as we can, in as many fields as we would like to explore. I may never be a nuclear physicist or even a good cook, but I might read a book about it, or attend a training or lecture.  At least the experience might be enough for me to hold a decent conversation with someone who is well experienced. Knowing what questions to ask is important too. 

The caveat for me in training others  is that “I am an explorer”. I embrace the idea that life, designing, and training, are beautiful metaphors that need discovery. Go out there and conquer your fears of that job, that relationship, that test, or even your presence on LinkedIn - whatever cranks your boat. Take an online class, attend a lecture, invite a public speaker to your business or educational facility.  

Are you an explorer?

“Join me – we'll explore together”