Getting back in the game after an Injury

If you have ever suffered from a physical injury that has put you down for any length of time, you will understand what it means to “get back in the game”. It is a good thing if you can return to your job and not have to worry about re-injuring yourself. But for those who have an acute and/or degenerative injury to their body, learning to adjust to this new life changing event can take time. There are things that can help, like physical therapy, water therapy, chiropractic visits, yoga, and a reputable spa. Different therapies work for different people.

Get back in the game

Office workers are at high risk for both acute and degenerative injuries. The very act of sitting in one position for hours on end, is a growing problem for many. Prolonged sitting has been linked to considerably higher chances of developing heart disease, diabetes, cancer and dying. The physical act of sitting does untold damage to your joints and the disks in your neck and back.

Being active is important, but exercise alone isn’t the cure-all once thought. The structure of the body and the way it works with our metabolism is important to understand. The muscles In our body are more active when we are standing – thus our metabolism will be higher. When we sit those muscles relax and our metabolism slows. A repeated sluggish metabolism can gradually start to have some negative consequences on our bodies. The highest percentage of negative consequences from sedentary life styles has been found to be type 2 diabetes. For those who live sedentary life styles their risks for cancers (all of them) is higher.

The average office worker sits 6 to 7 hours a day. That is considered within the range of being sedentary. Many then go home to sit and watch TV and play on their computers after work. To increase your metabolism you need to be moving every 30 minutes. You need to get up and get a drink, stretch, walk around the building. Park your car further away, and get some light weights for your desk.

The more you move the lower the risk of developing major health concerns. It takes time to decrease your sedentary behavior. Start by just standing up.

Start by just standing up

Those who have suffered an injury already know they have to move. If they don’t their muscles get so tight that even sitting hurts. It’s hard to get back in the game when you can no longer get up to walk across the room. But get up you must.

Things to do to help increase your activity level:

  1. Bring light weights to use at your desk
  2. Stand up and walk if you can every 30 minutes
  3. Stretch and hold the stretch. Don’t bounce the stretch
  4. Get a friend to walk around the building with you
  5. Buy an elastic band and practice deep push/pull exercises while sitting
  6. Drink water
  7. Sit on a Yoga ball for part of the day
  8. Talk to your doctor about starting an exercise program.

There are a lot of things you can do to help get you mobile. But you have to be willing to commit to the life style change. Your health really is in your hands. Stand up.