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    I was trying to write an out of office (OOO) message the other day, and I wasn’t feeling any love flowing from the process. Rummaging through a number of my co-workers past OOO messages, it was apparent none of them were feeling the love when they wrote theirs either.

    I decided to search out some smarty pants OOO’s on the net. But… most of the ones I found of value, would probably have gotten me into serious trouble if I used them. Dang it!

    I didn’t want to leave the standard “‘ ….. — ……”

    I also knew I couldn’t post any pictures of my fluffy little pink body lying on the beach somewhere, sipping a cocktail either. It’s your loss!

    There was no in-between and no escape in writing this stupid out of office message. So I decided to borrow from a Twitter OOO, and invent my own headliner. I was inspired!

    1. Hi. I’m out enjoying the big outdoors – want to crash my fun? send me a tweet at: ‘ .
    2. I’m on vacation but will be reviewing my messages periodically. You can tweet me. Since we have limited space to chat, please use 1 and 2 letter words only in your reply. R u ok w/it?
    3. I’m on vacation – I’m okay. If you feel the need to check up on me, I will – all my travel adventures on Twitter at 6:30am and 3:00pm to go out during the daily board meeting times.
    4. Hi, I’m out of the office on vacation. Thanks for contacting me. You are now subscribed to my twitter feed and all 3000 followers. .
    0-6 Out of OfficeThere are also those that kind of leave you wondering if your co-workers are normal (locking your doors extra tight at night).
    1. I am on vacation, but I will be watching you. Not in the stalker type of way or anything – but watching. Always watching. I see you looked at my Twitter.
    2. While gone I have left (#name) in charge of your department. Tweet me your escape plan. We’ll plan a rendezvous.
    3. I am out of the office but I will be checking in on you. What’s your twitter handle?

    You also have the Sappy, Happy, and Don’t you wish you were ones.

    0-7 Out of Office
    1. Hi. I’m enjoying the islands with family and friends. We have o social media and/or email contact policy while sunbathing along the sunny shores and living the dream.
    2. So glad you stopped by to leave me a message. I’m currently on a cruise ship in the Carribean. You can Tweet me, but this bird has already flown the coop.
    3. I’m currently out of the office experiencing life. You should get one too! I know you want it. Raise your hand and say ” Please!”
    4. This is your boss. You aren’t allowed to have fun while I am gone. I’ve hidden the company credit card and reduced your wireless connection to “nothing”. I’ve had cameras installed and will be monitoring your movement throughout the day.
    5. I’m off to the lovely islands to drink in the sun and dance the night away. I’ll be bringing back seashells and beaded crafts – along with a better attitude when I return.

    I suppose I’m lazy. Or maybe I’m afraid of the replies I might receive from leaving my charming if not sarcastic jibs for my fellow office workers to read.

    My personal favorite: -!


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