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Maria Patrick Photography

Radcliff Design is happy to partner with Maria Patrick Photography to present western landscape imagery reflective of the land, and the people who live there. Maria boldly photographs the elements, and seeks to portray a story of the "real life experience" of living in the west.

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Wild Flowers

Lovely white wild flowers growing on the La Sal Mountains.  In the distance are the red rocks near Moab Utah, Grand County. 

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Mesa Arch

Mesa Arch, located in Canyonlands National Park in southern Utah. 

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Wild Sunset

Wild Utah Sunset, with horses silhouetted in the distance. 

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Autumn Roads

Beautiful autumn road showing the majesty of the La Sal's in the distance

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Landscape Arch

Landscape Arch, located in Devils Garden in Arches National Park

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Young Doe

This young doe just walked up to photographer to greet her in the morning 

Photographer Maria Patrick

Maria is a deep woods type of soul. She is at home in the wild landscapes surrounding her home town of Moab Utah. She enjoys capturing the beauty of nature in her photography.

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