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    dales Digital Media

    Digital Video Design

    Video Design: I take raw video and create a professional template for a great looking presentation.  Proper placements in  blogs and social media, video testimonials and presentation make for a great way to reach your followers.

    joys-of-cooking Digital Media

    Motivation and Encouragement | The Joys Of Cooking

    As a community we work together, good or bad, thick or thin. Motivation and Encouragement, as a community we need to do that for each other. When you do, things start to change and get better.

    3 Digital Media

    Eastern TAL (Transition to Adult Living)

    The goal of Transition to Adult living is to provide youth assistance in transitioning from foster care to adult living through a private/public network of support, to promote their success. Just For Youth Utah (

    presentation2 Digital Media

    Research Proposal Presentation

    Along with fellow colleague Jamie Powell, we researched the topic of Mobile Instructional Technology.  We brought together an understanding of the most modern trends in education, and what future trends may look like.  

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    Community and Sharing

     Giving and helping one another. Showing pride in something that benefits us all. Healthy lifestyles, healthy living.  Helping your neighbor or a friend to find that purpose, and reaching out to those in need.  

    presentation-block Digital Media

    Community Business Presentation

    Design for business summits to highlight local business leaders, and their businesses. Working with partners within the community to put the best face forward on all we do.