It's okay to live your life to make bank, but after so many years of the same old grind, a nagging intuition inside your gut will rear its ugly head and tell you "there has to be something more".   I see a lot of people leaving lucrative positions in order to personally  Live The Dream.   People are opting out of existing within the confines of corporate American.  They are moving away from the fast paced life style of city dwelling, and migrating to the rural areas of the country.  I see them moving to my area all the time. To say they are taking a hit in their salary range would be an understatement.  So why are they doing it? 

Peace of mind   

Having the big bucks doesn't necessarily  help you much when all you want to do is be out on the bike trails riding downhill, or rafting someplace like the Colorado River during the peak months. There are only so mrd Living The Dream! Hand Me The Remote Pleaseany years that a body can put up with being a  corporate zombie - before you check out mentally, physically, and emotionally.   Not everyone makes it out alive.  

It is time - time to pick up your lifetime remote control.  The remote that will  change your life channel.  I wouldn't want you to miss out on the biggest adventure of your lifetime.  Buy lots of extra batteries, because the adventure is looking good, and tastes sweet when you are already near the edge of your life. Change that channel before you go over that edge!  It's not about starting over, it's more about putting your life on a different channel.  A channel that  has you as the star of your own life.  

 Whether you are in  big business, government, a  non-profit, academia, or private enterprise, don't miss out on life. 

You need to  purchase an extra set of batteries for your lifetime  remote controls

Oh The Health With It All

A lot of liftime  channel surfers are being told to hang it up by their doctors.  The stress, the complex life styles have robbed many of their youth and vitality.  Being told to hang it up and settle  down - that is not an easy task for many.  But there are some upsides to this process of growing older.  I like to think of it more as a second opportunity to grow up again.  

Just think, you get to wake up when you want, wear faded jeans and tee-shirts to work, and there is no one  to question you when you camp out in the wilderness for two weeks or longer.  Besides, your cell phones won't work there anyways.  They can call all they want -  but I wouldn't promise anyone more  than a smoke signals in return.  Your life - your channel. 

Your life - your channel

Moving to an area where all people do for  a living is work in recreation - that is  Living The Dream.  Sure, I would love  to star on my own channel.  I have a remote too.  I have begun to channel surf to find those  locations that allow me to be me, stress-free, and happy.  I'm taking my own advice. 

The Cost of Living

The cost of living is high, we all know that.  But you can spend all your time making bank, and never experience life.  The cost of changing your  channel and surfing away to a new life can be priceless; basically because you get to be free.AAEAAQAAAAAAAAZiAAAAJDZhYmVmNjcxLTM5ODctNDg3YS05NzMwLTBhYjExNGZiZTA3Yg Living The Dream! Hand Me The Remote Please
Free to breath without fear, or worry.  You get the opportunity to let go of those moments that cause your heart to race and blood to pound in your head (in a negative way).  Change your channel, change it  to one that has people on it that have never known a corporate office.  All they may have known in their lifetime is how to guide a jeep tour to the top of a mountain, or surfed in some far off country where no one goes.  These new  interactions  will force you learn to come up with better conversation topics.  

I know that  not everyone can pull off this lifestyle change, but at least you could incorporate some new channels.  Channels that have interesting topics that you like, and that make you feel worth-while and fulfilled in your life.  

Change The Channel

Pick up the remote and look  at it. You can claim that picking up that remote is a start if you like.  When you are brave enough, and feeling bold, start pushing buttons.  It's your life you are changing.  Good Luck.