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    It’s the simple things in life

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    It’s the simple things in life, it really is. The simple things that make you feel good about yourself, others around you, and the world.

    I think that one of the worst things you can do is to listen to your own thoughts and try to rationalize and dwell on a stupid mistake that you might have made. There is no rationalization, you just made a mistake, own up to it, and move on. Maybe you feel that those around you really don’t know you, or understand your potential. You are just going through the daily motions of working and hoping someone will notice something good that you did that day. That’s not a good work environment.

    If you are relying on others for your happiness – it won’t happen. You are responsible for your own happiness. You have to dig deep within yourself to find that spirit of truth, warmth, and happiness. It’s there – that positive wellness. You just need to start tapping into it.

    How do you change a negative situation? You change your thoughts. You start to input positive thoughts to replace the negative ones. How? You might ask. Start by doing some of the following:

    1.      Say to yourself “I am worth it”. Say it a lot. Send yourself reminders to say it! Post it on an I love me Board“. Do whatever it takes to remind yourself. You are worth it

    I love me Board ~ J. D.

    2.      Build new relationships with others in your office, and socially outside of work

    3.      If you know you are going to meet with rejection or criticism from a fellow co-worker if you ask them a question – don’t ask them! Seriously, don’t ask them. Ask someone else, or look it up yourself. Avoid their office

    4.      I understand that sometimes you have to ask a negative co-worker a question, but do so when you aren’t alone with them, so you have someone else there with you, who can see and hear the situation

    5.      Don’t allow your co-workers to take advantage of you, especially when they take extended and frequent breaks. They aren’t your boss, and it’s NOT your responsibility to babysit their job – it’s theirs. Tell them no, you are busy doing your own work. Don’t be guilted into anything!

    6.      Don’t be afraid to say “NO”

    7.      Let me say that one again. Don’t be afraid to say “NO”

    8.      If you work overtime – or pull a shift straight without any breaks, don’t let anyone make you feel guilty if you leave at a different time than he or she does. You’re on the honor system

    9.      Stop saying “I’m Sorry”. There are a million ways to correct an error without leading off with “I’m Sorry”.  Some things just need an adjustment to get them working correctly. It doesn’t mean you need to apologize for every tiny thing. Fix it if you can, and move on

    10.  Believe in yourself, and treat yourself to good things. Treat yourself daily. See #1 above for the reason why.

    It is very important that you take time for yourself. Time to relax and reflect on the things that you care about. Taking trips, and looking after your health is good for refreshing the spirit within you. When you take care of yourself, you are much more able to fight off the dreaded negatives that might pop up in your way.

    Setting Goals

    Set a goal for yourself. Start by losing some of that negative baggage in your head. Start packing positive thoughts, and use those positives each day.

    If you feel yourself slipping into temptation, and feeling down – make sure you have some backup. Find a positive buddy if you can. Someone whom you can talk to, and know that what you say won’t be broadcast to the entire office, the community, or some social network!

    It’s the simple things in life, that can lift you out from under the bus that you might feel is sitting on top of you. Set some goals! But set realistic goals.

    If you set your goals too high, too soon, you might lose your momentum. You can have long-term goals – but you need small milestone goals along the way as well. Treat yourself well, and treat yourself often! Milestones!

    Treat yourself well, and treat yourself often! Milestones!

    I will be honest, some days it is hard to stay positive, and stick to my goal. But what I have discovered is if you immediately come back with a positive, after a negative confrontation – you can de-escalate, and/or completely defuse a situation. Nine times out of 10, coming back with a positive will work in your favor.

    Goal Helpers – For Directing Positive Thinking

    ·        Do good always

    ·        Always smile and greet those you work with each morning, especially the grouchy ones

    ·        Thank people when they help you, and even when they can’t. At least they listened

    ·        Tip the waiter or waitress, even the bad ones

    ·        Pet your puppy dog

    ·        Wave at your neighbor or say Hi

    ·        Hold the door for someone

    ·        Complement someone when it is earned

    ·        Treat yourself daily to positives

    ·        Laugh often and loudly. Laugh at yourself.

    Keep up the positives and soon you will begin to see the positives coming out in others around you. Never give up, and never give in. You can change your own environment! Just stay positive.


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