Dear Volunteer!

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Dear Volunteer!


Dear Volunteer!

Coming up in October is the Other Half Marathon here in Moab Utah.  Not as large as the ½ Marathon held in the spring, but still a busy fun adventure for the like-minded.

Thelma and Louise 2015

I love those emails that come out and say “Hey Volunteer – you want to help out this year”?  That’s enough said, it's short, sweet and to the point.   If you are like me and the 100’s of other local volunteers - you can’t say the magic word “NO”.   Here is what is really behind that one line question:

“Hey Volunteer – you want to help out this year”? 

Dear Volunteer!

 Up at 5:00 am and loaded with nothing but a steamy mug of coffee, an over-sized sweat shirt to keep the morning chill away –please drive yourself the required 13 miles down the curvy river road to your location.  Soon other volunteers will be showing up to help you load  the 1000’s of bags from the runners onto the waiting trucks that will haul them back to town to the next  volunteer crew. 

Volunteers wipe the sleep from your eyes  and get busy helping to park buses
and utility vehicles, or help at the start of the race.  Many  of you volunteers will be busy the day before setting up the start and finish lines;  handing out packets;  running unending errands - only to turn around and  be back out into the elementsAAEAAQAAAAAAAAXIAAAAJDkzYjYzOWU0LWM2N2YtNGNjNi04ZjQyLTkwZDE2ZWQwMmU1MA-300x123 Dear Volunteer!
the next morning.  Come rain or shine the day is before us! 

Volunteers will line the 13 mile course as marshal’s, trackers, water station aids,  and even a Tiako drummer group will be available to  help encourage the runners to continue the pace.  The view along the route is spectacular, and there is  personal satisfaction in knowing  that  there is a river bank location  with your name on it after you're done.  Now, get yourself a breakfast burrito and coffee at the Volunteer booth - let's get going! 

Crossing that finish line is golden!

AAEAAQAAAAAAAASaAAAAJDk1MDEyZmEzLTM1NDAtNDI2ZS1iODZmLWU3YzExODRmNGViYg-300x227 Dear Volunteer! The finish line is filled with more volunteers happily  greeting runners and  quickly  assessing  run times.  Runners are herded to  aid stations which will help  the tired but exuberant finishers.  Need a massage? The volunteers got you covered.  How about  food to replenish those muscles and nurture hammered bones?  Volunteers again. 

The brew crew has a bubbly beer  in the beer garden to help wash down the sweat and tears and ease those victory woes.  Don't Judge! AAEAAQAAAAAAAAXQAAAAJGY1ODFjMTJjLWI3MDMtNDhkYS05MWQxLWU2YjJjNTljZTc0Ng-300x225 Dear Volunteer!

Don’t forget all those folks who are walking the  river roadway cleaning up debris, and those who help to tear down after the race.  Those on  emergency call and the organizers on the radios, to those  carrying flags - they know the value of what they do.  It's all for the  REWARD.  The real reward is  self-satisfaction in knowing you’ve done  something to contribute to a  community event!  An event that brings prominence to our little piece of property  on this small planet called earth.  Or better yet, that speck of red dirt called Moab Utah!  

Volunteers from every walk of life show up to help.  You have teachers, doctors, lawyers, honor society members, brewery folk, youth garden kids, and construction workers, democrats and republicans,  and more.  Why?  Because they can. Because they care.  It isn’t one person, but many. Each deserving and caring enough to “show up”.  Have fun!


 Just show up!  Say YES!  .. 

Best part... the volunteer party!