Paying It Forward – Students Helping One Another

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Paying It Forward – Students Helping One Another

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I was sitting at home tonight when I received a call from a student at the local university.  She was frustrated that no one was available to help her with an English 1010 questions. She was doing a research paper using APA formatting and she seemed very upset that no one was around to direct her. She was referred to me.  

She was referred to me  

How she came across my number is a mystery. However, over the past couple year's I have become accustomed to receiving calls, Facebook messages and occasional emails.  I do not mind helping students.   Helping someone else succeed does not require that you have a title behind your name. Nor does it require that you affiliate with an educational institution.  It just requires that you care.

It just requires that you care

Finding the right online resources to help you in your studies - is always an issue with distance education.  Some colleges have those helpful links more visible than others. Unless you are familiar with your institutional system, it can be burdensome to a new student.  I used to spend a large amount of time each semester helping direct students to proper resources, online and off.  Bottom line, I cared about the students, and I still do.  I learned about APA from another student when I went to college.  He was paying it forward. I was grateful.

I am no English teacher, but I do not have to be in order to pass along the following web links.  Hopefully, they will be helpful for some. 

Helping your students take advantage of their writing labs is also something that advisors and campus staff should be aware of.  Teachers should place this information in their syllabuses when appropriate.  

I wished this student all the luck in the world.  She stated  that she was on the Purdue website and moving forward.   I just paid it forward.