Fall is always a favorite time of year for me.  I like the mildly cool mornings and warm afternoons.  Sunshine is generally in abundance in this part of Utah, Moab.  Autumn leaves occur normally on the high La Sal mountains in September, but in town they don't start to turn in all their glory until the end of October.   

The Red Rock and Sand Stone cliffs that border Moab Utah offer lots of extra months of fun and activities for the  like-minded recreationist.  Hiking, jeeping, biking - rock climbing - it's in full swing this time of year.  The temps don't dip down until mid to late December.  Living the dream?  You bet. 

dd Bring on the Fall - Moab Utah Style!There is a glow in the evenings that seems to have a calming effect on the senses here in the valley.  You have to live here to appreciate the desert seasons.  Not your typical winter, spring, summer, fall.  The seasons in Moab are more like winter (really short), then spring, hot spring, summer, hot summer, hot fall, mild fall, and back to short winter.   We are still in hot fall.   I had roses growing outside my office window one year in January.  It's just an amazing desert. 

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAQXAAAAJDhkOWQ5ZDQxLWZlOTMtNGYxYS1iMTVmLTA5ZGEyOGNmOTMwNw Bring on the Fall - Moab Utah Style!We Moabites do live in a pretty place.  Tourists come  to visit us regularly and are from all  walks of life, rich and poor.  Some even know the local dialect "RELAXED".  

I'm going to enjoy the fall for a little while this year.  The rains will knock the leaves off the mountain brush in a hurry.  But in town I plan on kicking back and enjoying the last big hooray of  the dog days of summer (mild fall). 

AAEAAQAAAAAAAARTAAAAJGY4OTVkNTY3LWEyZTEtNDQ5Ny1hMTA2LTUzOWY0YThjYWJjNA Bring on the Fall - Moab Utah Style!For sure there are other things I should be doing - but life only goes around once, so it is good to make the best of it.  Nature gazing is one of my favorite hobbies. 

With five natural parks in the area and several state parks - there is no limit to the fun one can have here.  But for me, sitting on porch, and enjoying the afternoon fall sunset - it's priceless.  


Happy Fall!

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAVpAAAAJGVkMzQ4NWNlLWU0NjctNGE4Ny04MjEwLThkODA5MzRmMTBhMg Bring on the Fall - Moab Utah Style!