Business As Usual – Or Not!

    cover-FINAL-hair-or-not-half-page-Copy-190x300 Business As Usual - Or Not!This book, Business As Usual – Or Not!, focuses on the hidden truths, humor, heartaches, and the emotional side of the business work environment. It deals with the everyday employee, leadership, management and self-help.

    SECTION ONE addresses the human resource side of the business model.  We will examine issues like hiring doormats, bypassing your worker bees, risk-takers, and other related human resource management issues.

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    SECTION TWO deals with leadership, management, and organizational change.  You will learn about copy room manners, starting over after an injury, and moving on after an organizational change.  This section also looks at the need for social integrity, and looks at gossip. Touching down on some touchy issues, section two helps you to think about picking your own battles, and dealing with the past.

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    SECTION THREE is for the creative and inspirational thinkers, the motivators and chief shenanigator.  We will look at learning how to deal with negative and positive affirmations in the workplace, and finding that equal balance between productivity and a happy/satisfied work environment.

    SECTION FOUR looks at organizational styles, and identifying personal tic’s and triggers that sets us apart from our
    fellow co-workers.  We will explore the unpleasant aspects that we find ourselves bringing to the discussion table as well.

    SECTION FIVE looks at work and the empty nesters, the winds of change, and knowing when to change the channel – your own personal channel.

    There are a number of self-help questions throughout the book. Basic common sense questions that look at the issues that are hiding under the rug.  What’s under your rug?