Keeping with an October theme for Halloween,  I thought I would address the Giants and Monsters in our lives.   Be that our personal lives, our working environments, or where ever your giant monsters live. 

Giants and Monsters Everywhere - On My!

It's not hard to image a time when  you are sitting at your desk and the world is wonderful.  You are on top of your game, coworkers respect you, your clients rely on you, and you get satisfaction from mostly everything you do. Life is good.  The next day your world is shattered and left in ruin.   Shaking your head you can’t believe what is happening around you, why it is happening to you, and who’s to blame.  Something, or most likely someone sinister has just dug claws into your backside.  

Being caught up in  maliciousness behavior from those in authority, or fellow co-workers – it all hurts the same.   The giant monster has just raised its ugly head, and it has a name; actually it has many names.  Names like:

  • Greed, gluttony, self-indulgence,  selfishness, indulgent, misleading
  •  deceiving,  dishonest, unreliable, deceitful, fraudulent, phony, sneaky
  • underhanded, insidious,  lying, mocking, scheming, shifty, treacherous
  • two-faced, and the list goes on. 

I assume you get the point all too well.  What you don’t generally get is a way out of the situation.  Especially when the situation presents  you without  any warning.  What you need in these situations is  a means to  escape from the giant monster now beating at your door.  Seriously who actually plans for sinister life changing events brought on by others?

Seriously who actually plans for sinister life changing events brought on by others?

I have learned to plan for these types of attacks on some scale, but not all.  We all have those giant monsters that we have  to face in our lifetimes.   These giants come in all shapes and sizes.  While they can look overpowering and can plague us until we see no hope in escaping them – we generally still have that inner
voice telling us to go on. Our giants often laugh in our faces, beating down at the walls we so carefully build up each day.  Yet,  that little voice can still be heard, ever so softly in the back ground saying, “keep going”.321 Giants and Monsters Everywhere - On My!

Our giants often mock us and challenge us to come and defeat them.  Shaken to the core we have to run for our lives, cower in fear, or meet the aggressor on their own terms.  A lot of times the giant monsters are the comedians in the AAEAAQAAAAAAAAXMAAAAJDQxYTBhMGU0LWFiZTctNGU3NS04YjM5LTRjMzZiNzFlZmE3Yg Giants and Monsters Everywhere - On My!crowd, the know it all’s, and the blow-hard.  But not always, sometimes they are the quiet individual who is cold and calculating – so know your monsters.

Once in a while life does throw us a bone and identifies a pathway out.  A pathway leading to triumph over adversity and challenge.  A pathway filled with a strategy which we use to bring about the defeat of the giant monsters we face.  If you see this pathway “TAKE IT”.  Stop making excuses it's time to take the giant monster down.

If you see this pathway “ TAKE IT”.  Stop making excuses it's time to take the giant monster down.

I am not one who believes in keeping your enemies (giants) close.  Rather,  ignoring them and keeping them at a distance is much more calculating and doesn’t produce additional stress.  Giving your enemy access to put their claws into you is a bad idea.  Some enemies have no filters for their aggressions. They simply strike out whenever they want.  There is no warning, no smoke signals – just volatile anger, and it can be over the simplest of things. AAEAAQAAAAAAAAUPAAAAJDQzM2JmOTZmLWVlNGItNDIwNS1iZmZmLTdmOWFkOTQ5MjNmOQ Giants and Monsters Everywhere - On My!Something as simple such as an IDEA, can set them off in your direction.

 You may think you haven’t done anything wrong, and you probably are right.   But if you think your enemy will be convinced of that fact, you are wasting your words.  You can’t fix things either – that only antagonizes the enemy more.  What I have learned is that the more you try to fix things the more the enemy sees those attempts as a way to undermine their position or status,  and or it stirs up feelings of  bitterness and expands the insecurity your enemy already has.

Some people just don’t have a “fix it” meter.  They like controversy and if you feed into it – you give them power.   Does that sound  a little warped?  It is,   but that is how they operate.  You can’t fix them - their meter is broken, or the dipstick comes up empty.  All you can do is help yourself.  Build in escape routes so you can survive another day.

It is time to take your Giant Monster down. 


Walk away and leave them alone.

Once you leave the office have nothing to do with your giant monster.  Take a stance that you will become  unresponsiveness to  their bantering.  Become so firm in that stance, to the point they no longer have any control over your thoughts and actions on the job or off.   Don’t’ friend them on social media, volunteer at the same events, nor do luncheons for old time sake. 

Fight your giant monsters where they live – in your head, in your office, in your school, or event.  Plan for giant monster meetings if you have to go into one.  Quickly trivialize their attempts to gain power over you.  Just brush it off and ignore their challenges.    Make sure you take the high road and they will become just another giant monster under the bed, and once they are there, you will be able to gently sweep them away. 

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAbFAAAAJGQ3NzVlN2NmLTQwNGYtNGFhNy04NjhmLWU3YTM4ZTA2ZTc0ZA Giants and Monsters Everywhere - On My!

Monsters be gone.