Have You Ever Fired Yourself?

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    Have You Ever Fired Yourself?

    Have You Ever Fired Yourself?

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    Have You Ever Fired Yourself?

    Have you ever come home and “fired yourself”?  Somedays are like that, and it takes us a long time to unwind from those moments that are a dig to our self-confidence.  Rebounding from those moments of self-disclosure are important.

    The day I allowed someone to steal my work. I had to start over and learn to trust again. I had to let go of the old me, and lean on the new me.

    In a working environment, I’m to the conclusion that if you aren’t in on key decisions and one of the movers and shakers – the fault may lie with them. “Them” being those in power, or above us in rank – someone else in the know. I’m not necessarily challenged by authority unless it has proven to be less than scrupulous.  So if the fault has to find a home, I hope it is with them, the movers and the shakers.

    But what if I am one of the movers and shakers? First, I don’t want someone else’s mistakes.  I want to start fresh and correct my own mistakes.  It’s a difficult task to jump into the middle of a project and take ownership.  Rather, it requires research and time; plus a sense of humility as you begin to deal with people who have no loyalty toward you at first.  You have to build those relationships and prove your worth.   Let others praise your work – there is greater value in that than praising yourself.  Humble yourself and you will be lifted up.

    Secondly, there are those who would like nothing better than to sit back and talk about opposing issues and add roadblocks to your designs, inventions, and other such handiwork. To those, I would refer to an old saying, “what other people think is really none of your business”.

    “What other people think is really none of your business”

    Somedays we have to just go home and fire ourselves.  That is such an awful word “fire” when used in the context of someone’s livelihood.  No one wants to lose a job – or asks to lose a job.  But it happens, for good or bad people get fired, laid off,  or suffer a reduction in force.   When you are the boss, the only person who can fire you is YOU!   That isn’t necessarily a bad thing when you are the boss.  Letting go of pieces of a project and learning to allow others through delegation to complete a task can be rewarding.  For one, you get rid of the stress, and two, you increase the value of one of your employees.

    Firing yourself doesn’t mean you can’t come back the next day with a better attitude.  Usually, when you get to this level you are ready for a change, a good swift kick in you know what, to mend those attitudes of displeasure.  Your own attitudes.

    When you walk in the door at work tomorrow give some thought to some valuable points when you do:

    1. You have a job
    2. People like working in a positive environment
    3. Money won’t buy you the thing you value most, respect of others
    4. Talk to the janitor – they know more than you think
    5. Be the janitor!
    6. Smile
    7. Shine it on
    8. Compliment someone who has earned a compliment – be sincere about that compliment
    9. Delegate if you can – but make it worthwhile to the delegatee.
    10. Rehire yourself

    It’s how you approach your life.  Not how others approach your life.  You make the final decision on how happy or successful you will be.  Success is measured in happiness.

    “Success is measured in happiness”


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