What Ever Happened to the term “A Gentlemen’s Agreement?”

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    What Ever Happened to the term “A Gentlemen’s Agreement?”



    There was a day when men shook hands and agreed a gentlemen’s agreement between two. A man’s word was his honor.  Now days attorneys draft up legal documents that are crafted to look for deception and deceit.  Where has honor gone?

    0-16 What Ever Happened to the term "A Gentlemen's Agreement?"Speaking the truth should never be hard to do. Many preach about truth and justice, yet they drag out an attorney when the truth is directed at them.


    Along with honor comes respect. Respect for your fellow man or woman. Meeting a call to justice to help someone in need. Believing in others, and relying on a friendly hand. Honor, respect, and dignity, are the strength and the armor that uphold strong men and women.


    Integrity – the truth. Integrity is becoming a rare thing. Yet it is something worth fighting to hold on to. No matter how weak your voice may be, you may be the only voice someone else has.  Injustice can overwhelm an individual soul quickly – but with many there is triumph as they come together. Speak the truth. Value integrity above all.

    Not every argument can be won in a court of law. Sometimes a simple “I’m sorry” is all that is needed. Waging war over trivial pursuits never ends well, if at all.

    Sometimes a simple “I’m sorry” is all that is needed.


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    What is important is that you stand up and your voice be heard. Speak about those passions you hold dear inside. Especially when others would keep your voice from being heard if they could. Don’t let fear or intimidation keep you from doing what is right. Your voice might be all it takes to change an empire, regain a friendship, mend a broken heart. But unless you stand up and let your voice be heard – others will steal the soil out from under your feet – the very ground you walk upon.



    0-18 What Ever Happened to the term "A Gentlemen's Agreement?"Rise up, ever so weak – yet strong because you decided to take a stand. Integrity, respect, and honor – there really isn’t any amount of money that can buy those attributes. As human as these attributes are, they will give you a greater sense of value about life, and grace you with a peaceful mind. Without them – anxiety, crippling envy and stress take the very life from your own hands. What are your gains if you aren’t around to enjoy them, or can’t feel satisfaction for the things that you tried to build? Fake friends will praise you in the morning, and damn you in the night.

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    Life is simple. Live with a giving hand, a kind shoulder to lean on, and stand up when integrity demands a voice. Stand up, let your voice be heard.