Emotional and financial health. Letting go of stress.

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    Letting go of stress.

    Emotional and financial health. Letting go of stress.

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    Your financial health is often linked closely to your sense of self-worth and social positioning. Social economics and how one perceives their status in society is often an underlying emotional trigger waiting to go off. Maybe you have lost a job, a loved one, social connections, or just can’t find your mojo.

    When things get out of control, physical systems of the body tell us we need to take life a little easier. We need to relax, let the tension go out of our shoulders, and lose the worry wrinkles in our foreheads. Just breathe. Stress can take a toll quickly.

    Stress can take a toll quickly

    The thought of losing one’s financial health does have an affect on a person’s well-being. The first response is generally to react emotionally. When we react emotionally, the fall out generally manifests itself in angry outbursts, depression, and low resilience to accepting reality. Depression, which can be common in people with diabetes, because their systems are already easily compromised, are at a great risk for other complications. But learning how to control one’s reactions to stress could very well keep you from going down an unhealthy rabbit hole.

    Helping those we love to recognize the symptoms of stress is critical in helping them to get a handle on the triggers that bring about health related symptoms. Just the words “financial stress” causes some people stress. Just talking about stress in general, makes some people react in odd ways.

    Stress plays a big factor in your overall health. There are a lot of experts out there that give us any number of remedies and cures for how to deal with stress. Finding which remedy works best for you is a process. My hopes are that you have others around you who will act as a support team to help you find just the right remedy or process to gain and keep your health on track.

    Just the word ” stress” can be a trigger for some

    How to make stress your friend, a Ted Talk presentation by Psychologist Kelly McGonigal gives us a comical mechanism for dealing with stress. I liked her no nonsense approach and suggestions on how to start building your own resilience to stressors right away “give out of your own need”.

    Give out of your own need

    Stress has a lot to do with our bodies vital organs, and the health of those organs. It is important to tell your doctor about changes in your mood so that you can discuss treatment options best suited for you. With the help of your doctor, it is possible to feel better with diabetes, heart disease, as well as other illnesses. Working on your own internal senses to build yourself up, and maintain a healthy state of mind is so important to the quality of life. Caring creates resilience, and in turn helps the body to not overreact to stress.

    Take a vacation! Please!

    Therapy is also a great way to talk through those situations that you might be holding onto unnecessarily. Talk Therapy is also great for creating new conversations and opening up doors to collaborations on things you might have wanted to explore but was always afraid to try.

    The fight or flight mechanism which is a built in survival tool becomes unhealthy for our bodies when we are subject to it in a never ending cycle. Learning to deal with stress and make it our friend as Dr. McGonigal suggests, gives us the upper hand, and helps us keep our body chemistries more in line with those of a healthy lifestyle. If you are stressed out over past events, or situations you had no control over, you have to learn to let go of that negativity. Holding onto toxicity will not create a healthy outcome. For those who suffer from health issues, gaining the upper hand over your emotions and thoughts could extend your life. Even add years.

    While I am no expert, I know that by just being kind when you have it in your power to do so, will give you strength in your personal health. The benefits are rewarding.