The title would better read “the way forward starts with you”.  We often find ourselves bewitched with words.  As Sigmund Freud once stated in a lecture in psychoanalysis in 1915 “Words were originally magic and to this day words have retained much of their ancient magical power”.

With just a simple twist of words, we can motivate or provoke a person or group of people into action.  If you add a list of positives words into your speech, over a short amount of time you will begin to see the subtle hints of change in the attitudes and behavior of others around you. When people no longer think you are out to get them, they will feel more at ease with you when discussing matters.     As an example, you might consider changing references to individuals or groups by applying a few of the following:

Positive Affirmation   (Empathy)                 Negative Affirmation (Sympathy)

  • I am glad you told me                                      At least you had….
  • Look for a solution                                           Talk about the problem
  • Your input is valuable                                      Yes, but…..
  • Everything is a process up                              Failed again I see
  • Working together                                              Not open to change
  • Allow others to have an opinion                    Discredit the opinions of others

 Using words to gain cooperation from others is the opposite of expecting opposition.  Even though some people may  have repressed feelings or thoughts due to prior experiences - you can begin to implement change by  breaking  through with positive reinforcement  statements.   Those reinforcement statements  need to be sincere in their delivery.   

Just saying nice things isn’t the same as the meaning and context behind those words.  Were the words earned, were they just, did they pivot one group over the other?  There is a lot to think about. Immediate solutions start with acknowledging the positive.  What went right.

Immediate solutions start with acknowledging the positive.  What went right.

The way forward depends on your ability to get started. It also depends on your ability to want positive change.  You need to seek out solutions and focus a lot less on the problems.  Chances are everyone knows the problem - but does everyone know what went right?  

Learn to focus on the positives that you know work.  Make sure you document thoroughly what went right.  Don’t lose your best resources while  searching through problems that may never be resolved, or even existed.  Sometimes you have to build cooperation  by helping others learn to change. Change doesn’t have to be hard if you explain what went right.  

What went right.