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    Change is positive

    Winds of Change

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    Winds of Change  Time changes everything, and we need to be able to re-evaluate our own lives and the direction we are headed in. It doesn’t matter if the direction is one we have selected for ourselves, or one where life itself has lead us there unaware. Sometimes those things that we thought mattered most,

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    Technology integration into the classroom now and into the future

    Technology integration into the classroom now and into the future

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    Technology integration into the classroom now and into the future #BringItOn” I was standing outside the middle school talking with the technology guy for both the middle school and the high school a while back. Really great guy, family man, well respected for his work with the school district. We were discussing the issue of Bringing Your Own Devices (BOD) to school,  and

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    When the past becomes the guide

    When The Past Becomes The Guide

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      When The Past Becomes The Guide People tend to rely on the past as a means to prepare for the future.  While it is true we need to learn from our mistakes, are we allowing the past to control our future? Picking a time in my past that was riddled with mistakes and completely

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