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    What battles should we fight

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    Dedicated to my class who asked the question”what battles should we fight, and can we bring duck tape?” We have all been there.  That place and time when the information we are hearing is just too good.  Emphasis on “too good”.   Red hot sizzling information that can make or break a situation, a person’s reputation, or put

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    Lectures in the field

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    Today I taught a lesson from a compilation of about 500 images that were taken using a cell phone during a self-help housing project back in 2011.  I took those images over a six month period.     The compilation was showing the process of building a house from the ground up. Below are a

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    Creative and Inspirational People

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    Creative people have a deep respect for the very essence of everything around them.  It is as if they have a thirst for all things new and exciting.  Who wouldn’t want to be around a creative and inspirational person?  They are uplifting, kind, and filled with a wonder for life.  They can light up a

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