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    A beautiful distraction

    A Beautiful Distraction

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    A Beautiful Distraction Teaching-learning. How do you teach someone to learn?  It’s a beautiful distraction. Learning to teach isn’t quite the same when you realize you have to train others on what you’ve just learned.  You must offer the simplest and traditional training first.  It is here, that you make the decision of what not to

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    Making The Grade- It's Crunch Time!

    Making The Grade – It’s Crunch Time!

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    Making The Grade – It’s Crunch Time! Making the Grade – It’s Crunch Time! Anyone who has spent much time at all in education might understand the term Death-Bed Repentance.  I had another teacher spell that statement out for me this week as we were trying to motivate our one shared student to get his work

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    Come to work as our favorite characters

    Come to work as our favorite characters

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    Come to work as our favorite characters   We each have that inner voice that calls to us, telling us how the state of our affairs is progressing. Sometimes that voice echoes of wisdom and sound planning. Other times we are gambling with just working the pencil sharpener. Each of us tends to be drawn

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    Staying competitive is important to the overall success of your business. If you don’t already have a website and are using social media, the advantages of both will give your business an internet presence, and help to boost your competitive edge.


    I am the author of three books: Business as Usual, Technology as Usual, and, A Journey. I write a number of my own blogs, as well as a contributor to a number of business blogs on the internet.

    Creative Web Design

    Creative Web Design.  We are able to help startup businesses develop their own web presence.  We specialize in fostering creative direction for our clients, utilizing a host of combined skills in business, graphic design, marketing.

    Social Media

    It is how you use technology that matters. When using social media, you have to know your audience. Social media is content driven, so you need to be savvy in your content designs.  Connecting people to resources one social connection to another.  Time is everything.

    Instructional Technology

    Technological pathways are being developed and incorporated into formal classroom settings to help bridge the gap that exists between traditional students and the digital age student.

    Digital Media

    Digital Video Design: I take raw video and create a professional digital template for a great looking presentation.  Proper placements in withing blogs and social media, video testimonials and presentation make for a great way to reach your followers.