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Management – It’s 5 O’clock Somewhere

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It’s Five O’clock SomewhereExcuse me as I juggle my way through the morning. First thing in the door I hear “we need this, have you heard from such and such, and don’t forget”. I am finally able to maneuver my way into my office and flip on my computer. As it is loading I check

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The World of Competitive Dance

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The World of Competitive DanceAt a dance competition this weekend I was able to observe hundreds of talented young dancers bringing their heart and soul to the stage, all in the name of dance. After 25 years of being in the dance world, I am ready to just kick back and watch the show. I

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Cell Phones & The Pre-Selfie Era

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Cell Phones & The Pre-Selfie Era – Welcoming In The New Millennials I walked into the junior high classroom this morning, and it was chatty as normal, similar to  the beginning of any class. It’s a very open environment, and the culture of the students says, “this is our space“. Students were discussing the latest

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