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    Let us help with virtual assistance to keep your online services up-to-date. Content Management | Business | Writer

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    Blogger and Contributor, Ghost Writer.  Author of two books: Business as Usual, Technology as Usual.

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    Front end web design & content management. Fostering creative direction, utilizing a host of combined skills in business, graphic design, and marketing.

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    Instructional Technology, Content Management and Design of Educational Resources for Learning.

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    Creative digital  technology for your business and communications, social interaction and education

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    Work after the kids leave home

    Work after the kids leave home

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    Work after the kids leave home The way we spend our time has a great deal to do with the people in our lives. That can be with a significant other, children, adult parents, friends, co-workers, and even our pets. Yes, those adorable goldfish swimming around have a true purpose in our lives. You get

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    Life and writing – beautiful metaphors

    Life and writing – beautiful metaphors. I wholeheartedly enjoy the ability to write and create my own materials in any situation I find myself in. Sure, I can write for the other guy, but when it’s just for my own pleasure, I like to give myself the opportunity to research and design materials based on my

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    Working in a Tourist Town – with a Professional Team

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    Working in a Tourist Town – with a Professional Team.  A Real Team! I’ve worked on a multitude of different professional teams in my lifetime. Some were good, some were so-so, and some were just flat out disappointing. One particular team that I had the privilege to be a part of, rocked in every dimension. It was at

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